Vampire Deluge: Surviving the YA section


I recently came across this vlog from a friend of mine and it is an honest (if swearing-laced) view of the YA section at her local bookstore. She comments on the literal deluge of vampire books in the teen market.

Note: This video contains slight cursing.

Do you think the YA market should move on to a new topic of interest? Is everyone through with the Twilight-copycats yet?

3 thoughts on “Vampire Deluge: Surviving the YA section

  1. It’s not the deluge of -vampires- themselves, but rather Twilight clones i.e. paranormal creature guy and girl (first person narrator) fall in love.

    The other oversaturation is overly chatty first person.

    Drives me nuts. They all look the same.

  2. Specifically the Twilight plotline must be put to rest.

    Before Twilight, I read many good, original books involving vampires and werewolves.

    Now every new one has the same storyline as Twilight, it’s distressing 😦

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