So You Want To Be A Writer: Write the Story Burning Inside


 A bit of writing inspiration from an anonymous artist on Post Secret:

I encourage you to write the story that burns inside you, the one you simply can’t get out of your head. If you have that fire, stoke it and keep it alive. The only novels that really “work” are the ones the author is driven to write because they know they can’t not write it, and it comes across to the reader.
Ultimately, readers know when the author really loves their work. So become your own best friend and take that burning idea that has been in your head and put it on the page. Even if the novel never makes it to the shelf at Barnes & Noble you will have written something that you love.
That is the greatest feeling in the world, and Jane Austen knew just that particular feeling…

2 thoughts on “So You Want To Be A Writer: Write the Story Burning Inside

  1. What a delightfully, delicious blog. I have a sneaking suspicion you are a genius.
    I hope you plan to share your light with the rest of the world, my friend…?
    x Lisa
    ps. I love that photo. Love that movie. Love any Austen adaptations, yep, even the American versions, although BBC do it so well.

    (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

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