Oh dear. I think I laughed too hard.


So inbetween stop-and-go stints with the third round of revision on my current manuscript, and looking for a distraction so I wouldn’t buy a set of $1000 bagpipes just so I could wear the skirt, I came across something I knew I had to share with the writing community.


Maybe we’ll all think twice, or three times about what our queries say when we send them in. This guy deserves an award. Or cake. Yeah, cake is good. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Oh dear. I think I laughed too hard.

  1. Oh dear….this was hilarious and cringe worthy.

    Thanks for sharing. Ill be sure to read it again when I’m writing my own letters just to double check I havent put in a doosy!

  2. Thanks for sharing this link! it was SOOOO FUNNY! I always love coming across entries about agents’ response to query letters and the likes

    1. I think all authors should sit back and think about WHAT they are going to say in a query before blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. Slushpile Hell reads almost like a guidebook to an agent’s mind!

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