Review: Bloody Valentine by Melissa De La Cruz

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Bloody Valentine by Melissa De La Cruz

Publication Date: December 28, 2010

Library Copy

Hyperion Books For Children

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (****)

Vampires have powers beyond human comprehension: strength that defies logic,
speed that cannot be captured on film, the ability to shapeshift and more. But
in matters of the heart, no one, not even the strikingly beautiful and
outrageously wealthy Blue Bloods, has total control. In Bloody Valentine, bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz
offers readers a new story about the love lives of their favorite vamps –
the passion and heartache, the hope and devastation, the lust and longing.
Combined with all the glitz, glamour, and mystery fans have come to expect, this
is sure to be another huge hit in the Blue Bloods series.

—Synopsis courtesy of

Bloody Valentine is yet another
companion book to the New York Times Bestselling series, Blue Bloods.
The prior companion book to the series, Keys to the Repository, was
chock full of interesting facts and little known facets of Blue Blood
life. Bloody Valentine has several short stories featuring snippets
of Schuyler, Jack, and Oliver’s love lives. A new character, and
possible love interest for Oliver was introduced, a witch named
Freya. The author has cleverly added Freya in as a teaser for her
upcoming paranormal adult series, The Witches of East End.

In almost every short story, it was
about the vampires… *ahem* …getting it on. I had hoped for
a little more action-adventure, and less kissy-kissy.

While the book was slender and compact,
it was a nice break from the usually heavy tomes that I read, and
provided a light read with a beautiful cover. It was just what I

2 thoughts on “Review: Bloody Valentine by Melissa De La Cruz

  1. I just wanted to drop a line and say I love your whole blog– it’s beautiful and your choice of books to review fits in with my tastes perfectly. This is a really fantastic blog and I look foreword to seeing more!

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