Black Friday for Writers: NANOWRIMO!!!


Let’s face it. November 1st, at the stroke of midnight…the madness begins. The flurry of writers typing away or scribbling hurriedly at their soon-to-be-finished-in-a-month project…It’s that time of year when the Black Friday for writers begins.

National Novel Writing Month takes place every November. The project is simple. Write a book in one month. Not produce a polished, publishable manuscript in a month. Just write a first draft.

Jus Accardo, author of Touch will be stopping by in a few days to give her opinion on NaNoWriMo. But until then, read her extremely funny post about “The Night Before NaNo.”

Shylock Books was recently featured in an article about NaNoWriMo written by the talented Ashley Ruth Wilbourn. The focus of the article was online tools to help writers during this month with writer’s block and inspiration, and specifically mentioned the “Weekly Novel Writing Inspiration” feature. Please share your thoughts on the article in the comments section below!

Let the madness begin!

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